Lighting of Static Meshes is leaking/seaming

I have an issue when I compile my lighting in UE 4.26.1. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I think that the screenshot is clear enough.
With the same modular static meshes, there is a clear discontinuity of the light when I compile the lighting.
I tried tweaking the world lightmass settings, but it didn’t change anything.
All my meshes are set to Static, all my lighting is set to stationary and I have a basic SkySpere, Skybox and PostProcessVolume with the default settings.
Can someone help me to get rid of this problem to get a seamless wall/floor ?
Thanks a lot


Are they having the same lightmap resolution? What quality is your light build?
Most people will tell you not to use modular pieces because of the problem you’ve just encountered…
You can use higher (a LOT higher!) settings under your lightmass settings and those will get rid of your problem BUT your light building time will also go a LOT higher/longer!
Static Lighting Level Scale: 0.1 - 0.15 and Indirect Lighting Smoothness 0.6…

Thank you so much, changing the lightmass settings worked !