Lighting not built issue

This has me stumped. I’m trying to submit a package and the submission is being rejected because the lighting isn’t built. However, the lighting is in fact fully built. The kicker is that if I take the built package directory and copy it to another project (essentially a fake install), it flags the lighting as not being built. I’ve never run into this problem before. What’s going on here?

I found what’s going on, but I don’t know what to do about it. The issue is a blueprint which generates content via instanced static meshes. It seems that opening a bundled package for the first time causes the construction script to run in the blueprint, thus triggering the “rebuild lighting” problem. I’m not sure how to avoid this without removing examples of the BP in the demo and showcase levels.

You can place a branch with a boolean exposed in the blueprint and only move forward in the constructor if the boolean is checked. After branch you reset back the boolean. I will behave like a click here to build (construct) the actor.

That would work, except it makes using the BP less user friendly since it was designed to be WYSIWYG while moving markers around.

Make an OR condition to that branch with its current world position against a previous stored one and allow the construct to run. Is that a possible fix?

I tried saving the last updated position. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work. But what did work was setting the instanced meshes to ‘stationary’ instead of static mobility. I would prefer them to be static since that’s what they are. But the submission fail prevents that.