Lighting Mentor

I’m doing more and more work in level design (for my own projects) and I could use some help with lighting. I’m looking for someone who really knows their lighting, reflection spheres and boxes, atmosphere effects and lightmaps. I would like someone who can join me on Skype screenshare at an hourly rate, and help me solve issues like ‘getting the lighting to look perfect in preview but completely different after the build’. Related to this is, I have a game in the works that requires me to scale up the levels to 8x real-world, and when I do so, the lighting and reflections go way out of whack. I would like to get some assistance with rescaling the levels and have them look just as they do at their 1:1 scale. Who has a few spare hours, and a reasonable hourly rate to help me get stronger in this department? Candidates should have some visual references to their work.


I can help out.
Please check PM.

Sofia G

If you’re using static lighting then ofc it would look way off when scaling as the lightmaps would be different, basically use dynamic lighting.

Here’s a video of my project if you are interested in my help :slight_smile: