Lighting look different in preview and build

Hi, all. I facing the issue that lighting seem different in editor and build.
This is the lighting in editor and second is in build version.

It look completely different scene. Anyone got ideas know why?


In my case, it was because ‘Is Editor Only’ and ‘Is Editor Only Actor’ were checked and these lights were not included in the build.
Please select the 4 lights in the world outliner and open them in the details panel and make sure the following 2 items are unchecked like below.
スクリーンショット 2023-05-31 003337

Also, check the logs to make sure there are no error messages and that Auto-Explosure in PostProcessVolume is set correctly.

Check to see if the Global Illumination scalability has changed between editor and build. (Static Light will not be visible in Lumen(Global Illumination scalability: High and Epic))