Lighting - lightmap issue/question

Hi all,

I’m working my way through a archviz scene I converted for UE4. So far, so good, but I’m having trouble with some of the final lighting bits.
The scene is lit with a basic direct lightsource emitting as a sunlight, and “Koola style” area light setups for the windows.

Most of the scene looks pretty nice, but I have some artifact as shown below. I already split up the ceiling geo into mutliple parts for smaller lightmaps, and added ‘lightspill’ blockers outside on the wall/floor/ceiling parets of the scene.

Strange thing is that in the lower quality build this isn’t showing up for some reason. Ands I don’t really inderstand the more or less radial spread of the artifacts. Material is a very simple off-white with a basic normal map.

Settings are pretty much as most of the people here use (as far as I can find) , and the lightmap resolution should be enough? I didn’t tweak any .ini files or alike btw.
So if anyone can help me into the right direction to get rid of this last bit, that would be great! :slight_smile:


Did you try without the normal map?


Yes, I added the normal map to see if this would break up the surface a bit to get rid of the artifacts. It didn’t really help unfortunately. :frowning:



I would try and replace the ceiling geometry. Model it as a separate piece and import it. Or you could take some of the starter content geometry and use that scaled to size then drop it down a few mm below the existing geometry so you don’t get coplanar artifacts.


I tried to cut the mesh up into two pieces and see what that did. Smaller pieces = better UV’s for lightmaps…
But I get the same artifacts. I’ll try a basic cube from UE and see what that does. Weird stuff… :wink: