Lighting issues with html5 package

Hello, I am working on a 3d walkthrough for my local Ninja Warrior gym, and we had hopes of launching it on the website
Unfortunately, i’m struggling with getting the lighting to work. Could any of you UE Wizards lend me some help?

All of my lighting is static and most don’t even cast shadows. I have tried doubling their intensity, however for some reason most lights just aren’t showing up in the packaged file. I have attached a picture; the top 2 images are screenshots from the html file… The bottom 2 are screenshots from my project in unreal (this is what it looks like when i export).

one other issue i’m having with is likely unrelated; I have the chairs set to physics objects that you can knock over… It works in unreal, but not in html5.
There is another object in the scene which has the same physics settings but it works in both the editor AND html5. Could it be that im packaging my project wrong?

Any help is appreciated.