Lighting issue

Hi guys,
i’m working on small apartment archviz. Everything looks just fine with one exeption.
Bathroom (the only room without window) looks really weird. Take a look at the attached screenshot.
It happens with all lightmass settings (default medium, production, preview, with or without baselightmass.ini edition).
In bathroom there are 4 spot lights with intensity between 500-1000.
Whole scene has this strange red tint, but in bathroom its extreme. When i set view mode to detail lighting all darker areas are red instead of grey. I’m not sure if its shadow, indirect light, bounce color. But i’ve changed all materials to white and it doesnt solved the problem.
Do you have any idea what can cause this problem?

Looks like your shadows are red. Delete the lights and place new, stock ones. Don’t do anything to them and re-build the lighting. Also check your skylight settings.

after i’ve placed new lights and rebuilt light problem disapeared. Thanks for your help.

Good to hear. Anytime I get weird things, I just take a step back and redo it.