Lighting Issue

My Lighting looks good, until I build it. On some assets so i would like to know; how to lock the asset from rebuilding lighting if i am happy with them, if possible or remove all lighting so i can use pre baked light maps from 3DS . Any help would be appreciated.

Just set the entire light to dynamic (moveable) :slight_smile: -> otherwise you should make sure that you use correct lightmaps:

What exactly happens after the built, probably there is an easy solution for it.

Here is a before and after link to a set of images. I am not using a lightmap here this is just a diffuse and normal.

In 3DS it looks like the Before image when rendered, I have created a LightMap in 3DS with the Mental Ray Render and positioned the sun in almost the exact place where I want it to be in this environment.

I could do with some help neither fixing the images or turning shadows off completely and using my light maps. Even the preview light map is better than the one after, i would be happy to keep that

Thanks for your help by the way, I am rubbish at typing without coming across as bossy, straight to the point lol

You have to do the lightning in the UE4! In 3ds you just create your lightmaps (when you use static lights in the UE4) -> has nothing to do with diffuse and normal map. :slight_smile:

  1. increase the lightmap resolution of your mesh
  2. add a lightmass importance volume
  3. the material disappears after the light build? -> do you probably see some shaders compiling? (small message top left corner of the screen)

Just about to say the **** resolution was set to 64. I have put it on 512 and now my pillars have gone black lol, i will add the volume again now as it didnt solve anything before

1024 on this object has fixed everything with no errors now, thanks dude