Lighting in all directions.


I’m working on a level and need some suggestions. I need to fake lighting in all directions. I have a player model in a spaceship which I set all the models and lights to use lighting channel 1. The player uses lighting channel 0 and 1. The ship is on a level with one directional light on lighting channel 0.

So, when the player is on the ship. There is no directional light on the ship meshes. The lit areas are the one with the lights on channel 1 as stated above. So, there is high contrast. I even adjusted some of the post processing to fill in. What I will like to do is fill the ship lighting in all directions while the player is onboard. There is point, directional, rect, and skylight but for my purpose I don’t think it would work.

I can’t use lightmass or any static lighting. The only thing I can think of is moving point lights in the middle of the corridors and then sent the light drop off inverted but there would be overlap some. I can provide pictures of what I mean but any thoughts. What would work.