Lighting glitches - video provided

So as you can see in the video, the shading changes when i move towards and away from it, this happens in other areas around my map too.

Anyone have experience with this error? I dont know whats causing it so I cant fix it. The lights i am using are the same as the ones from theisland and they havent been edited, any ideas?

I have this too on my map, Just make sure you disable all static shadows

Select the landscape and change cast Static shadows, Untick, set maxLODLevel to 4 and Static Lighting LOD to 2.

Give that a test should solve the problems …

The landscape settings you suggested are what i had already, im not sure how it fixed itself but it now doesnt do it, i just loaded up UE4 and it started compiling shaders… It is doing another weird thing now tho when i look up the ground goes slightly darker

I have this problem like you and uzumi18. I think, if you cooked your mod. And play it on your game. You won’t have this problem anymore.

On my machine, it appeared, after ADK set the grafic setting lower, because of bad framerates. What grafics card you use?