Lighting failed to build

After a recent power outage and resultant forced Windows Update I am unable to build lighting on any of my maps. I’ve tried deleting my cache and rebooting, no luck. Seems something is up with the Coordinator maybe?

1:41:32 PM: Starting up SwarmAgent …
1:41:32 PM: … registering SwarmAgent with remoting service
1:41:32 PM: … registering SwarmAgent network channels
1:41:32 PM: … initializing SwarmAgent
1:41:32 PM: … certificate check has failed
1:41:32 PM: … initializing cache
1:41:32 PM: … using cache folder ‘C:/Users/lordm/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.24/Saved/Swarm\SwarmCache’
1:41:32 PM: … recreating SwarmAgent cache staging area
1:41:32 PM: … initializing connection to SwarmCoordinator
1:41:32 PM: … using SwarmCoordinator on RENDER-01
1:41:35 PM: … SwarmCoordinator failed to be initialized
1:41:35 PM: … initializing local performance monitoring subsystem
1:41:39 PM: … initialization successful, SwarmAgent now running
1:41:39 PM: [Interface:TryOpenConnection] Local connection established
1:41:39 PM: [Interface:OpenJob] Error: Not found

Attempting to Ping the Coordinator results in:

1:44:00 PM: [Network] Pinging Coordinator…
1:44:00 PM: [Network] Coordinator has failed to respond
1:44:00 PM: [Network] Coordinator ping complete

Attempting to Clear or Validate the cache results in:

1:57:42 PM: [RequestCacheValidate] Request ignored because of active, open connections

I have tried restarting, manually deleting the cache, baking on different maps, baking in different projects, and just now completely uninstalling UE along with visual studio and the like and reinstalling, no dice

I’ve been having the same exact issue and like you, I’ve tried what feels like everything I can find on the internet to fix it. Still can’t build lighting. Still having issues with SwarmAgent. Anybody have any new ideas out there to help fix this issue?

The only workaround I found was to reinstall Windows unfortunately


maybe next time (if) turn off ‘static lighting’ in level settings/render… then it will be all dynamic lighting… delete your light maps, then turn static lighting back on and see if it will build… i just use dynamic, much easier for me…