Lighting Channels for Sky Light

Hey there.
SkyLights don’t have a Lighting Channel like the other types of light.
This is a hindrance because My game makes use of a 3D Inventory. It looks weird that the Objects in the inventory are affected by the SkyLight, even though they should be lit separately.

+1 That would be useful. I had only played with lighting channels for a brief moment, but didn’t know it wasn’t applied to Sky Lights. That functionality would be appreciated.

Thanks will be extremely useful for tweaking lighting for characters.

+1 its really important feature , hope to see this soon

This is a great idea. +1 to this

Different Skylights would also help with Interiors. I’m thinking about caves which should be dark instead of illuminated by the SkyLight. There’s a workaround that involves turning of the SkyLight, but this doesn’t work with baked SkyLights.
Streaming a different Level for the cave doesn’t seem to be a good solution, either.

this. THIS.

+1 I need this for hacks YOLO