Lighting changes each time I play

I had set up lights in my scene using ultra-dynamic sky, so static and moveable light, and reflection prbbes.
I build the lighting with no errors, but when I play in editor the lighting changes, each time to something else.
sometimes its too bright, sometimes too dark.
I looked online for similar problems and didn’t find any.

here are some examples:
this is in edit mode

this is play mode:

this is a different instance of play mode:

have anyone seen this before? any ideas on why it happens?

Check the auto-exposure/eye adaptation setting for the camera

Thank you for the reply.
auto exposure is turned off via a post-process volume.

And that fixed it…?
Post process volume is one place, though darthviper107 is specifying camera since it also has post process qualities.

No, the issue is still happening.
auto exposure is turned off wherever its possible