Lighting build error "tightly bounding lightmass importance volume"

I tried building the lighting and I got this error…

No importance volume found and the scene is so large that the automatically synthesized volume will not yield good results. Please add a tightly bounding lightmass importance volume to optimize your scene’s quality and lighting build times.

I haven’t come across this error yet the past month I’ve been learning UE4, so I’m kind of wondering what a “tightly bounding lightmass importance volume” even is. Anyone knows please let me know.

All you need to do is place a light map importance volume in the scene. The volume should contain anything that will be viewed up close. Like if you made an arena shooter the playable area would be within the importance volume, but anything you see in the distance could be outside of it.

Well, then environment the player will be majority is in space since that is part of the gameplay will take place. So you are saying move the lighting source closer to where the playable area is? Or is there an actual thing that I drag and drop into the scene, and if so where would it be found?

There’s an actual object you drop into the scene, it’s simply called light mass importance volume and it’s in the same area you would find the reflection capture actors and lights, you can just use the search filtering.

Ahhhh, thanks I’ve found it. Since I’m dealing with a space environement, and I’m going to be handling LOD’s for transitions between space, and planet atmosphere as well is it possible to use multiple of these to specify what areas need lighting, or do I just scale the one to the size I need?