Lighting Build Complete - Mapcheck Found some errors - Maps Need Lighting Rebuild

The title pretty much says it all I build the lighting, it builds to 100% and says complete, Mapcheck shows some errors then says it needs to be rebuilt.

I can rebuild but it just repeats. There are no errors during the build of the lighting, should there be?

When I play the level it says lighting needs to be rebuild (18 unbuilt objects)

I was following this grass tutorial: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/OpenWorldTools/Grass/QuickStart/index.html

-which engine version do you use?
-do you have a lightmass importance volume in your level?
-select everything and copy it into a new level + build it again -> then it will probably work :slight_smile:

I have this EXACT problem. Followed the tutorial explicitly, twice, and always get “WorldSettings_1 Maps need lighting rebuilt”. No matter what I do this continues to happen. Deleting the grass static mesh from my scene “resolves” the issue, but having the grass is kind of the point of this tutorial…

I have so many things that if I try to copy into a new level, UE4 crashes. I need a solution as to why WorldSettings_1 Maps need lighting rebuilt. This is ridiculous.