Lighting bug on geometry

Hi everyone

I’m getting a pretty weird bug here. When i rotate any geometry in my scene, it gets a darker shade.

In the example video below the problem is shown, i have two lanes (one is a copy of the other) and when i rotate it, it gets darker…

When the subject is a quixel object it is even weirder, because all lighting gets messed up, looks like is a normals problem, but even using the modeling tool don’t fix it.

The problem happens with SSR, RT and even lumen, i also tried to build the lighting, reflections, etc with no success.

Any thoughts?


This is likely due to the nature of your actor setup here, I would say look into the material its the way its reflecting light off it, I would say start fresh get a sphere put the material on it and rotate it see if it still happens.

EDIT: Mainly due to the direction this may be setup in, just a guess tho lol.