Lighting bug / Me being an idiot

Hello all and thank you in advance for reading!

If you recognize this project, don’t worry! you probably have seen it on Twitch!

Anyway! As you can see by looking at the splash back for the kitchen, all the tiles are meant to be red. Now as you can see, I am getting all types of shades which change every time I build the lighting :confused: I am just wondering how I can fix this and make them all the same shade of red. I am not sure if this is a problem on UE4s end or 3DS Max.


Maybe it’s a bad lightmap on the mesh? Check your second uv channel (ch 01 in unreal). Do you get a overlapping uv’s error message when you build your lighting?

Also, make sure you have a lightmass importance volume covering your scene. Lighting calculations happen inside the volume.

Hello again!

I do have a Lightmass Importance volume covering the scene and I am also getting the overlapping Uvs

Then you have to go back to max and remake your uv unwrapping. Leave enough spacing between uv islands. After that In unreal you can adjust the lightmap resolution.