Lighting Artifacts

I am having problems with a static mesh/static meshes (not to sure if it is more than one). I keep getting these artefacts in my level after I build the lighting. My light map resolution for all my objects are 128, I am not to sure what is causing this. The model in question is a ceiling moulding for a level of my game. I don’t know whether this is an artefact or whether it is an issue with the model.

The model has no faces on the sides or the back due to it being butted up to the wall. I tried adding faces to the sides and back to see if that was causing the issue but I get the same results. I have played with the Lightmass settings in the editor and have had no luck there either. Could someone shed some light on this (no pun intended :P)

EDIT: Quick question, do all static meshes need to be closed? What I mean is do they need to have no holes in them? Some clarification on that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Ok I feel like a big dumbass lol. The issue was that the models were to far away from the wall which was causing those shadows to be cast (so they weren’t really artefacts :P)


Problem solved haha :slight_smile: