Lighting and Shadow Problems

Hello Everyone.
Im new here and i hope a can get some help for my scene in unreal engine 4. ( sorry for my bad english.) Im working with unreal a few month now and im very happy with this angine buti have some major problems with lighting. this scene is for my portfolio so im a little bit stressed out because a tried everything to fix this issue but without any success. In this scene of a throne room ( picture) i have these ugly wierd and blocky shadows and i cant get rid of these. the second problem is that i have wierd issues on the walls. They all have the same texture and color but in the scene they look different from eachother.

Here are all informations and setting that i used fro this scene:

All modules have a sceond lightmap channel.
Two sides Geometry is unchacked.
Lightmap resolution is 64 ( i tried higher and lower…no difference)
Lightmap coordinate index is on 1

World Setting:
Static Lighting Level Scale is on 0.1
Num Indirect Lighting Bounces : 6
Indirect Lighting quality : 2,0
Indirect Lighting Smoothness : 0.6

I tried alot of different values but no success. Am i missed somthing or which kind of mistake ive done? It would be great if someone could help me here out. Thank you!

heve u tried area shadow of directional light. by that u will get soft shadows. for materials please check reflection parameters ie . roughness and specular amount.