Lighting and fog changes as player progresses

Hi, hope it’s the right place to post.

I have a forest scene with some mountains. I’d like to know what’s the best way to have the lighting changes as the player moves on. In my case, the player would start in a forest, then move up some mountains. I have my lighting for the forest done, but since a part of the mountain is in the same level as the forest the lighting doesn’t really match the mountain part.

The most basic easiest way I can think of is to put a simple level blueprint with the sun rotation, but for my goal it’s too simple and doesn’t really take into account the duration of the player in one area.

What I would like to do is create some sort of event, that when the player crosses a certain height the light, and especially the height fog, cloud, and atmosphere fog starts to changes progressively. I’ve been searching online but I don’t exactly know the term to find something

I (think) most people do it in multiple level, but in the project i’m working on my team has put most of the assets in one level. My team also has a easy system of 24h cycle with the timeline, but i’d like to dig a bit deeper in lighting change and have something cleaner with an event.


Update: I’ve looked at multiple things and right now the most convicing is creating my light change ‘animation’ in a level sequencer and plug it into a box trigger in the level blueprint. I was able to smoothly transition the fog and lights. I guess that’s one solution. I’m looking at level streaming right now to have the mountains have a different lighting scenario


My knowledge is pretty basic in blueprint also :cold_sweat:

thanks everyone