Lighting a Fire

So im making a survival game and im making a campfire, and i want to know how i walk up to it and press a button and hit ignite and it starts the fire, does anyone know any way to do this Thanks!!

Hi ,

Are you planning on using the same button for every item you can use? If so, what I would do is create an interface, some like “Use Object”. Put the functionality for lighting the fire within an actor such as a campfire, which will have your wood static meshes and a point or some sphere collision where you want the fire to be.

In the event graph, all you will need to do is implement the interface using the class settings>Interfaces pane, and then call the event for your interface function. In your player character, create a means to check for objects by using a call message for that particular function (in this case, IsUsed). If the objects in question have that function, they will respond by firing the function, if not, nothing will occur.

Alright i have that done, now im having trouble figuring out how im going to make it say start fire and extinguish, i made a user interface widget blueprint and added buttons but i need help because how do i get it so when i walk up to in and i hit E it shows the Start fire and so on