Lighthouse Shore - Environment Art

Considering the polishing stage on this project done. Still working on model sheets, breakdowns, ect, but the final presentable work is ready to show off.


Beauty Shots:

AMAZING!! I love the video of your project and the look of the scene is just phenomenal. I remember seeing this a little while back and I fell in love with the scene. Keep up the great work eedobaba!

Wow , it’s beautiful, realy great work

Excellent work Everett!! Very well planned and executed.

Your work is great advertisement for the Quixel Suite.

Definitely the best UE4 scene I’ve seen so far.

Some modeling and texturing breakdowns for this scene:

Your work has a nice oil painting appeal.

This is beautiful. Very nice work!

I have to say that how the light from the lamp in the rotten boat is amazing. Your artwork is amazing.

Everything so perfect. Great art.

Looks fantastic, good job!
I’m really curious about how you set up post-processing. Would love to take a look if you don’t mind sharing. :slight_smile:

This is quite simply my favorite piece on the forum.

I second that. The stills are amazing in and of themselves, but the video really takes you there!

Wow :smiley:

Lot’s of love as been put into this scene. Awesome and THX for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the breakdowns man! Very appreciated :slight_smile: One more question though^^ Are you using the atmospheric fog in this or is it standard heightfog?

Have a good time and cheers! :slight_smile:

Stunning scene. Incredible work. =)

Presentation is impeccable to! Definitely one of my favourites!


Could you break down the water? I’m really interested on that because i’m struggling with it.

Nice job eedobaba, the environment art looks amazing! I have 2 questions:

  1. Which Unreal build did you use in order to make it?
  2. Is the demo only available as a Matinee sequence or do you plan to make it playable as well?