Lightfield In-Flight VR Experiences - Powered by Unreal Engine

APEX EXPO 2014 - Anaheim, CA

Lightfield VR are today debuting our in-flight entertainment services, with an Oculus Rift demo powered by Unreal Engine 4. If you’re at the Expo, swing by Booth 883/884 for a chance to try out the experience!

Have a browse on for more information about who we are, and what we offer. Check out our twitter feed @lightfieldvr

Howdy Crow87,

Fantastic work on your VR project! I wish I was at the Expo so I would be able to give a try. Keep up the great work and be sure to let us know how everything goes for you at the Expo!

We’ve had a great response from everyone who has tried the demo so far, nothing quite like hearing a VP of a major airline telling you how enjoyable something is.

We’re also going to be at Oculus Connect at the end of this week, so if anyone is around for that conference, we’d be happy to demo our project and talk about potential work in the future!

Looks Wonderful Crow! Great production quality on the video too.