Lighter weight Maya scene

Currently as best as I can tell rig logic DNA requires LOD0 MH Head because of the corrective blendshapes. Without LOD0 head the scene will log constant stream of “// Error: Failed to set blendshape values! //” when the character moves. The node isn’t editable in Maya and not easily editable outside of Maya as best as I can tell.

This costs a lot of viewport performance in Maya as well as massively increases scene size.

Since face animation export from Maya doesn’t touch any of the face rig setup, UE only cares about curves from the face board control objects, Is it possible to edit/generate a lighter rig logic DNA file that doesn’t require LOD0 face?

For comparison MH Tori maya scene is ~268mb for just the LOD0 head, ~20mb for LOD1 head. excluding everything else.

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