Lightbulb not showing in VS 2022

A newbie to C++ here.
I have Visual Studio 2022 installed.
My Issue is that the lightbulb is not showing up.
Also the option to "Create definition of ‘function_name’ … " does not appear when I right click on a function name in the .h file.
I think the reason that it does not appear is because the light bulb is not showing up, but I am uncertain.

I have the light bulb enabled in the settings.

Also, and I don’t know if it is related, VisualStudio auto complete does not offer Unreal Engine functions. It does show other, c++ realted function.
For example, if I start writing “UPROPERTY(edit” it will not show EditAnywhere but it will show other suggestion that are not part of UE.

I have googled it and found no solution.
Please help…

It sounds like you don’t have Unreal Engine plugins installed in VS. There should be some auto complete plugins, not sure if they’re free.

The best one that I’m aware of, you need to pay for. You can either buy RESharper as a VS plugin, or you can just use Rider as your IDE rather than VS, which has RESharper built in. Both are paid options.

Personally, having used JetBrains products in the past for other languages, I find VS’s interface to be clunky and slow, so I like Rider, which generally comes ready to plug and play with Unreal Engine. (If you use it, make sure to enable the Unreal Engine plugin during the install / first run setup).

Hi. Thank you for answering.
I have the following plugins installed:

Do I need something else?
I realy don’t want to pay at this early stage of learning.

This is the addon you want:

They have a 30 day free trial.