Light_Function_Pack_2 (Viking Runes) New Light function pack!

New light functions!

08-18-2020, 05:25 PM
We developed a light functions pack and are happy to share it with everyone. It was an interesting project to do. The functions came out vary nicely and help to make games look nice and crisp without taking to much time. the pack has around 53 light functions. 24 of which are the Viking runes. they are both 2 and 4k but we only count 24 as they are initially the same thing so you still get 39 other functions. We hope to see what people make with these functions and are excited to release them!

There are also 4 working fan functions to help your game run just a little better. Or add that background fan for you 2d game!

As well as 2 different Rain light functions!;base64