Light Switch tutorial desired brightness is too low

Took me about 30 minutes to figure this one out, so I thought I’d let you guys know this particular set of tutorials might be problematic in some cases.

Possibly in the interest of keeping things generic, the tutorial doesn’t really set a stage as to what conditions the light switch should be created/tested under. For me, that was the side scroller template. The thing is, according to the editor, an intensity value of 1700 is equivalent to a 100W lightbulb. But the default brightness setting, according to the tutorial, is 15, meaning the light is too dim to see when it’s on. I think setting the default brightness to a number in the thousands would help save quite a bit of time for future users.

That’s probably because the light in the tutorial wasnt using Inverse Square Falloff. You can turn it onn and off in Details panel > Light - extend that tab to see advanced settings.

It actually uses Inverse Square Falloff by default. Disabling it makes the light much brighter.