Light shining through the corners

Walls and ceilings are lined perfectly, but the light still shines through. What’s the problem?
Should I add extra walls outside to block the sun coming inside?

Different material, but one wall still makes weird reflection.

Make sure that the corners of the walls/ceiling/floor meet exactly and do not extend beyond each other

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Yeah, learning the hard way about proportions by redoing same thing over and over again.

If part of the mesh is visible outside then the pixels of the lightmap can bleed over onto the interior, so by making it meet in the corners exactly it prevents the 3D meshes from not being aligned with the pixels of the lightmap.

Mesh has to be one sided? I am using mesh that has both sides textured. It’s a wall from Quixel Bridge.

If it’s a mesh that has an inside and outside surface and it has the thickness of a wall then you would want it to meet on the inside corner. If the mesh is irregular and can’t meet in the corners then you’d need to have extra geometry around the outside to block the light.

Ok, thanks!