Light rendering for Android

When viewing in 64bit Windows the app runs fine. Soon as I deploy and run on android device I cannot see rendered text or 3d objects. Sprites and ui load fine. Is this a specific lighting limitation to android or am I missing something. If a limitation then how do I light my game area up? :slight_smile:

Rendered text lives in a blueprint which has a child spotlight illuminating.



I haven’t tried recently but if you are trying to use a Text Render component, it won’t work on mobile (unless they fixed it). Did you try using a WIDGET (UMG)?

Hi EvilRadish,

Have you had a look at the Mobile Development Guide documentation? It goes over some of the limitations for lighting in developing for mobile devices.

Thanks for letting me know, Ill make changes to my project :slight_smile:

Also thanks for the link, I will go through that as it will be very handy!