Light Ray loot

Hi all.

I have some difficulties in creating loot in Diablo.
I created some rays and there are several items.
Please tell me how to connect it into one that would be about how here or here

In short, I want to achieve this effect. If the gear of any grade falls, then the beam was of that color.


What have you tried so far?

dont understud your question.

i have drop item, i have qualaty item ( cloro name item ) epic, normla and etc.

Have ray ligh color.

and i dont understud how connetct in together/

One way to do it is with a 2-point spline; use local coordinates for this. A dynamic material with a parameter can control the colours. You could encapsulate this behaviour in a component and grant it to any object that might need it.

Alternatively, a beam particle might be useful for this. Not sure.

Oky, i creat simple fx particle effect and connect it to object, creat it global table items and blueprint. Now i can do more stronger fx particle like here some one can help me whit it ?