Light question


Not sure if i am in the right section, but i have a question about light

If I have a light fixture on the ceiling, it’s just dark grey.
I can put a spot light in front if it, so it looks like it’s giving light. (sort of)
Question is, Are there settings, to i can make that light fixture glow so it looks like it’s on, or do I need to change the color of the item itself?

Thank you for your time.

You need to apply an emissive material which will make the light source itself glow. There’s also a setting that will allow objects with emissive materials to actually emit light (otherwise it’s just a glow effect) but it’s better to place an actual light actor to emit the light. Also there are settings for the physical size of the light (radius, length, etc.) that will make the light more closely match the shape of the object.

Thank you.
I am pretty new to Unreal, so I got a lot to learn.

Looking at the settings, is this what you were talking about?
since i can’t check it… is there a way to change that? I tried checking “overridden” but didn’t make a difference

Found a tutorial

but I cannot get the glow part to work as shown in the video. If i set it to 45 it turns white, and 1-5 i see the color i selected.
Is this a glitch in the latest unreal?

applying it to the scene, takes forever too that rebuilding. 10-20 min, everytime.