Light propogation volume

Could someone kindly tell me if an LPV is a viable option for adding Gi to a dynamically lit scene?

Have seen a tutorial on YouTube where code is added and from what I can tell it does seem to add detail to a scene. Wonder why it hasn’t been pushed more as a solution?

LPV does indeed work for some scenes. I think it depends on what quality you’re looking for and the type of scene. I’ve seen it used on large interiors with success. Your results will vary. LPV is a bit “temporary” as newer tech is headed your way next year.

That sounds amazing!

Support for RTX? :slight_smile:

There is a blog article on our RTX work.

As far as I know LVP stopped working in UE4 starting from version 4.19. I tried getting it to work today without success.

It’s definitely working in 4.20 as I just saw a project working with it. I’m 99% sure that project is 4.20, but I’ll double check.

I must be doing something wrong then…? I’m following tutorials to the letter and I’m not getting any GI at all.

EDIT - Definitely not working for me. I’ve added the command in the .ini file, added a directionnal light in the scene and ticked the Dynamic Indirect Lighting box and it’s not working at all…