Light Propagation Volumes: What's next on the roadmap for LPVs?

Just wondering which aspect of LPV is being developed next.

Personally I’m hoping for a cascading technique that allows for better detail up close similar to CSMs. Perhaps something similar to this: Real-Time Voxels: View Centered Voxels

In my testing with emissive material LPVs I found it really only worked with larger objects, small objects wouldn’t contribute due to the constant resolution of LPVs currently(I’m assuming). Smaller subtle details are not there. A couple of examples I tested were importing Owen and setting his eye emissive to affect LPV only to have no effect. I also tried it with the sword asset from the cave demo, with the default sword size, it doesn’t add any light. Scale the sword up in size and it works and looks pretty cool for night time lighting.

IMO it’s the subtle smaller lighting effects that look best in GI, though I’m sure more problems will arise with it. (Such as the contribution of many small particles adding up, looking good nearby, then not showing up from a distance? Not to mention perf)


You have Emissive lighting?? Which version are you running? 4.2 Preview?

It was added in 4.1, but I think they only briefly mentioned it in a Twitch Stream. It’s easy to turn on, go into your material and make sure “Use Emissive for Dynamic Area Light” is checked in order for it to affect LPV.

A quick and dirty way to add Emissive is Parameter Vector for Emissive Color, and Parameter Scaler for Emissive Intensity, connect those to a multiply and connect that to Emissive.

Couple screenshots with and without LPV(I don’t have the skylight setup right yet):

Thats weird. I have 4.1.1 (compiled from github source) and yet i dont have emissive lighting. :confused:

I have Use Emissive for Dynamic Area Light enabled in Material. PostProcessVolume is unbound.


Do you have a directional light setup for LPV? Think you still need one, even if it’s set to something like 0.02, Emissive is “injected” into an existing LPV.

Wooohooo…It works!!! :smiley: Light Propagation Volume now works with Emissive Material!! - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums!!

sample download please