Light pass throgh the model (Newbie question)

Hello Guys, I’m new on UE4 Forum and I have some troubles with light im my model. I used to make architectural view.
Maked all the UVW maps and Unwrap in 3DS, but the light pass too.

Some Pics:

Can I fix it?

Wait until your lighting has finished building, that will likely fix it.

make sure your ceiling either has a surface that’s facing up or that your ceiling material is two-sided.

Apllied both of then, but still pass through :frowning:

Apparently worked after change some fixes.

I wasn’t sure if enabling two-sided geo and mat is really also blocking light…is it? I’ve always added a blocking bsp in case!

can you post what you did to get rid of the problem?
i had a similar problem here and i fixed it by making sure all my meshes are “closed.” was it the case here?