Light not working on sprites, help please i'm stuck

Hello, i am developing a mobile 2d game in perspective camera.
I can’t get the lights to work, i read a lot of guides but i think i’m doing something wrong. When adding a point light and switching to mobile preview it just doesn’t work on sprites, the only thing that works is setting the mobility to movable. The material that i’m using is DefaultLitSpriteMaterial.
Can someone help?

Hi there, you will need to make sure you build lighting. Click the build button in the top toolbar. Let me know if this helps!


I did that but it didn’t solve the problem

I noticed that now i get this but i don’t know why

Hi Blackajiro, this was the only thing I could find: (UE 4.7.6) Lightmass crashed - Array index out of bounds - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Unfortunately, there was no clear solution to that. If you follow what is shown and still have the issue, I would suggest posting on Answerhub in the bug reports section. Perhaps someone from Epic could assist you, as I have not encountered this myself before.