Light map resolution would reduce.
Hello everyone,i uploaded My work to YouTube,The major problem is the Light map resolution would reduce.

I dont know exactly what you mean :frowning:
Where in the video can we see your problem? + which lights do you use? + which lightmap resolution do you use for your meshes? + are your scalability settings on “epic”? + do you build your light with the “production” quality?

Check if the issue is SSR (Screen Space Reflections) or Ambient Occlusion in the Post Process Volume. Those are realtime effects that can affect how the runtime looks since those effects are added on top of the Lightmass baking.

Eg. SSR can have “grainy” issues, and Ambient Occlusion can have “flicker” issues which I see in your video.

So play with their settings in the Post Process Volume or turn off all post processing so you are looking more at the Lightmass results instead of Lightmass with the realtime postprocessing?


When you upload your video to YouTube the video compression will make your lightmapping etc. not look as nice because of compression artifacts. Is that what you mean?

Personally I don’t use any Ambient Occlusion. No need to fake it I think when you use high lightmass settings.
SSR quality can indeed look grainy. I set my SSR quality to 10 (default is 1 or 3 iirc)