Light map question & movable vs Static foilage

hello -

i haven’t used unreal for quite some time.

firstly - i am having issues with my light map bakes. this shot is from a build at medium. as you can also see - the scene is optimized well. so why the bad vibes?

also - regarding foliage placement. a archviz tutorial recceomneded changing foilage to moveable. however, do you not want to bake the foilage too? so it should be set to static, right?

these are megascans btw - all LOD0´s

i do remember years ago making a couple adjustments in lightmass settings that fixed many lightmap issues. can anyone reccomend what i need to fine-tune in there? :smiley:


Lightmap resolution is way too low to get anything of decent quality. TBH though I’m not entirely sure what I’m even looking at here.

Yes, setting them to moveable will prevent them from generating baked lighting.

Trying to build surface lightmaps for foliage is a waste of time, memory, and electricity. Anything smaller than a tree should be set to moveable, trees should be set to static but their lightmap type should be force volumetric. For good measure I would just straight up delete the lightmap UV channel too but that’s your call.

hey thx.

well - the first image is the bake @ medium build.

the second image is my scene via lightmap density. i have adjusted my light map accordingly - those in green are sound.

and that´s the ■■■■■■ - i’m still having issues.

thx for the clarification regarding foliage. :+1:

I know what the density view is, what I don’t understand is your scene.

Blue/Green is too low. (in my opinion)

Can you point out where the issue you’re having is at?

wait - blue - green is too low?

i though those colours meant you were in the clear?

what colour works best?

Sorry let me back up. Basically if you are trying to capture any indirect lighting detail then what you have isn’t going to be able to capture much. You can use what you have, it will work fine, it just won’t capture much detail for things like indirect shadows.

Personally I prefer something toward the yellow-green region. The green color covers a pretty large range of density values, you could likely increase your lightmap res 20-30% and it would still be green.

The squares indicate how big the texels of the lightmap will be, you can think of that as the resolution of lighting detail you’re going to get.

I’m still not clear on what exactly the problem you’re having is though, but the first thing you should probably try is to do a lighting build on production rather than medium.