Light Map Processing!


I Have some confusion which I want to share so anyone with deep knowledge can clear it.

Im working on a interior project, with all things setup!! My light map building time is around 4 hours. My PC is Core i3 3.3Ghz 2Core 4 Thread, with 8GB ram and ATI-7770 GPU.
I got a Macbook which is Core i7 2.0Ghz 4Core 8 Thread, 8GB ram but the GPU is Intel. I copied My project to Mac and Rebuild the lights! and I was hoping its i7 so the render time should be less, But interesting thing is Macbook also too the same 4 hours to build the same result.

I see somewhere on this forum someone was saying, For light Map calculation Unreal engine uses the CPU and for exporting light maps it uses GPU. (If this is right)

So my 1st Question is the Macbook CPU is more Power full then my desktop CPU but still the render time was the same! is it because of the intel GPU?

Second Question: If I install Windows on Macbook and use it via network to render the lightmap along with my desktop. Will it be faster? I didnt tried it yet!


Your lightmap baking just relies just on your CPU.

From what I’ve heard, the iOS version of UE4 is slower than the Windows version, might want to run dual booting and see if it bakes faster in Windows.

UE4 4.11 should bake about twice as fast.

Using 2 computers to render via swarm should definitely reduce bake times.

thanks! I will try using network render! will update!!!

Your i3 might be faster, depending on what models the CPU’s are

The MacBook Pro Turbo Boost throttles, ie. if you run the CPU at 100% on the Mac you can see the maximum clock speed gradually reduce. This is because the Mac laptops do not have “gaming laptop” cooling which allows for high sustained Turbo Boost speeds.

So two cores at 3.3ghz vs four cores at say 2.5ghz, that’s perhaps why build times are the same (in addition to the OS differences).

Definitely try Swarm since you have two machines, it will help.

thanks for the feed back! but it was really interesting for me to find this! I already tired installing windows on macbook pro! and try to build the lightmaps but for some reason! when UE export the data to build lighting! my editor crashes at 33%.
I tried to open a new blank project and build the light, result is the same! :confused: still unable to figure out whats wrong! i have all the dot net things on macbook! like I have on desktop!

my Core i3 Desktop is 2nd Gen and Core i7 in Macbook pro is 4th Gen. Yeah I ordered a thunderbolt to RJ45 for macbook thy dont have lan built in! i will try 2 machines. lets see! :slight_smile: