Light Manager for Unreal Engine


I can’t find a way to manage light in Unreal Engine similar to Light Manager in 3ds max.
(if there already is such a tool, I would appreciate if someone directed me to it)

So please create a lighting manager with following options:

  • turning off individual or groups of lights at once
  • changing intensity and guality of individual lights or groups of lights inside a light manager
  • changing the color of lights from a light manager

Thanks in advance for considering this

You can change properties of multiple objects at once by selecting them, if you need to control groups you can also place objects in folders so that they’ll be easier to select.

Hi Yarek -

I have put in a feature request for a management window similar to the Light Lister in Max or our own Property Matrix in Unreal.

Thank You

Hi -

So sometime we even forget about some of the more handy but little used tools in the editor. It turns out that you can use the Property matrix to access lights in such a way to work similarly to the Light Lister in Max. Select the same lights in the level (or more easily from the World Outliner) then click on the Property Matrix Button at the top of the details panel will open the property matrix and allow you to adjust settings over multiple items at one time.