Light is not affecting imported blender meshes

Greetings , i hope you are all well . am very new to unreal engine. i made a single static mesh in blender then moved it into unreal engine and i put a door on it and a texture but why why why is it so lit ? even when the door is closed ? when i builld the room with geometery brush its very dark but not wiht the mesh i imported from blender ? why ? how do i fix this ? i have tried unwraping the uv for lightmap . whats going ?

your mesh is probably imported as movable or the skylight in your scene is set to movable.
have you read the docs on static lighting?
there are a lot of useful trainings even on yt but i recommend taking a look at unreal’s lighting academy

brlliant thank you sir. i did finaly figure out that is had to to with movable lighting or movable static mesh. i will indeed check out unreal’s lighting academy. good day to you sir

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