Light Function Material - appears lit until baking

Hi guys,

UE4 newbie here - trying to teach myself as much as I can…

Have been playing with a LKight Function material to immitate a lit downlight/globe kinda thing. The material applied and looks good until I bake the light, and then its just black…

Any tips? Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m going to make a guess here. But, I think you don’t actually want a Light Function. Light Functions are applied to actual lights, like a Spot Light, Omni Light, or a Directional Light.

What you probably want here is an Unlit Material. Go into your material’s details in material editor, set it’s Material Domain to “Surface”, and it’s Shading Model to “Unlit”. You can also totally go with using a Default Lit mode for it’s shading model, and should work esspenially the same with it’s current setup. But, might not be necessary, unless you planned on making it possible to switch off the light, then you’d definitely want to go with the Default Lit model.

AH! I see I can just muliply the emissive color for a surface material… Thank you !