Light Explorer

heh… Hello again :slight_smile:

For whatever reason, Epic never added this tool to the editor which is already present in many creative applications (Maya, Unity, others).
So I took the time this sunday to build it and submit it for us!
It should be available on Marketplace someday (free)

This is a simple tool for the editor to help us navigate, locate and edit light sources quicker.
Its usage is pretty much self-explanatory:


Known Issues:

  • Epic didn’t add any icons to the editor for Rect Lights yet.

Record review speed by the Marketplace team!
This one already released :smiley:

Oh my god. This is a much needed thing for Unreal Engine. Happy to see this.

BrUnO XaVIeR, you are the best! Your free plugins deserve a MegaGrant.


Thank you for making the plugin and share it as a free tool. Much appreciate it.

No problem, I do these little tools on weekends as “exercise” to understand the engine a little bit better each time.
I’m super glad it’s actually useful to more unreal developers out there, instead of keeping it only to my closed circle :slight_smile:

There’s a prebuilt plugin binary for Unreal 5 (alpha) that I’ve uploaded here:

I’d like to point to new users that if you click the light named button on the panel, the viewport will navigate to then select and focus the light source. Some devs seem to be unaware of that :wink:

Can you add option not to show in toolbar. The toolbar is getting cluttered

Possibility to purchase this as an editor utility widget instead of it being on the toolbar? I’d like to integrate this into my pipeline interface