Light Bug? Missing config?

Hello guys,

I’m having a little problem with my project and I’de like some advice.

I’m modeling my apartment and I’m dividing the walls in sections. Like, I have a mesh for the living room walls, another mesh for the main corridor walls and another mesh for the entrance walls. I’m assemble it in Unreal Engine 4 and after compiling the light, I get this bug:

I belive I’m missing some light configuration. It’s not UV because even with 2 UE Cubes I get the same problem:


It looks a lot like an issue with missing UV channel 1 for the lightmap. Open the affected mesh in the details window, enable UV visibility in the top bar and select UV channel 1 to make sure it’s present.

If you’re referring to the two tone ‘stripe’ down adjoining surfaces then that’s because each surface has a different light map so differences at the join are to be expected. The only way to avoid that is to ensure that each continuous surface has the same light map, which means you’ll have to build your model slightly differently.

Yeah, was about the stripe. Already changed all my model. For the wall I’ll make it contiuous. But thanks anyway :smiley:

The black wall is black, nothing wrong with it hehehe, just need to change the UV coordinate and add the normal map. It’s a wall with stucco and black paint. The client get what the client want u_u

Right, my bad ^^ Good to hear you got it sorted out.