Light blueprint and trigger box

Hello my friends
am working on my first game and after I made blueprints for a lentrrn with point light inside and make many copies of this BP
Now I had an idea for a spot that the player will stand on to make all the light go off
So I placed a trigger box on the spot but I have no idea now how to connect this trigger on character overlap to all these blueprints
Is there any trick that can helps me here?

You could either have an Event Dispatcher on the Trigger object and bind a custom event in each light to the Dispatcher in the level blueprint on start. Then simply call the dispatcher on overlap.

You could also just make an array of the lights in the trigger and run a for-each loop on overlap to do something on all the lights.

That will be great but do you have any video that clear everything to me?

please guys i need your help here :slight_smile: