Lighning problem Textures give colors to the surroundings

hi everyone
i have a little lightningproblem:

My scene before build lighning:

(i need this)

my scene after buildblightning:

does anyone know what the problem is? how can the release of the green color prevent the environment?

greez swizzy

Well, actually this is exactly how light in real life are working :slight_smile: The bounced light will be colored by the color that has the surface.

But if you want to change that, you can use **GIReplace **node in your green material, which will allow you to completely change color of reflected (or bounced) light.
You can found description of that node here:

They are pretty easy to use :slight_smile:

ah nice! thx for reason.
what texture would you use to make the gireplace? so that it looks like the 1st screen?

a white texture?
i’m absolute beginner on ue4 lightning…

You actually dont need any second texture. You can use just a **Constant3vector **node which allow you to change the color of bounced light.
If a using white color in **Staticindirect input of GIReplace **node, all bounced red color on the floor would be clear white.

ah nice! thanks for help :slight_smile: