Lift Help

So i am working on a lift and I have it so that when you collide with a trigger box, it makes the elevator go up and stop at the top. It stays there forever. That works fine. I am wondering how to make it so that I can go back onto the elevator while it is at the top and it will take me back down to the original spot. It cannot be on a timer, but a collision of some sort.

Just add another trigger volume up there and reverse the animation that you played to make it move to the top.

I tried that, but the player collides with the trigger box when he is on the lift going up which makes the lift go down immediately.

Use a switch on int with the first number going up, then set the int for your switch on int to the next option so that when you re-enter the volume it follows a different logic set, then sets the int back to the first option. It will only run the functionality from the specific value you give the int variable so you can choose which one goes up or down.

Do it like in the real world: Let your player press 1 for first floor, 2 for second floor, …
Or create pushable buttons.