"Life Is Strange" Replace Audio Voice Files?

Hello there people!

I’m a big fan of “Life is Strange” and I am from germany.
I’m also a part of a big fanbase from the game and we would really like to start a fan project.

We want to make a complete german version of the game.
We’ve also got some german profesionell voice talents volunteers, who would like to support this project.

All we have to know is, how we can replace the audio voice files from the game.
Well, the game has been made with the UE3, so I thought I could make post in the forum right here.
We already did it to extract the voice files, but we do not know, how we can convert these files and make it work.

Now I think you guys want to know, what file types are involved, right?
Well, the voice files are “.bnk” and “.pck” files.

For example:
“VO_E1_1A.bnk” and

And something like the codec?
The folder is called: “WwiseAudio”

We don’t know, how to replace the audio “voice files”. We really would like to create this project.
Is it possible to do that and is there any chance that you can tell me, how to convert these files?


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I did a google search on .bnk and .pck conversion and found a few results in how to convert those files to another audio format. Here’s a guide I found on Audio Extraction techniques. In regards to replacing audio files in the game, you will have to dig in on every pawn’s BP if you want to change the sounds of certain things like (On Hit, When opening inventory, etc)

I hope this helps you to move forward with your project!

Hey thank you very much for your answer!
I already downloaded everything, but the “Rshayter Riveal” didn’t work.
Looks like the page is down and can’t find a new link or download of this tool. :confused: