"Life is a Rally" - Short movie in Unreal Engine

Hi everybody… I would like to share the work of my latest weekends for 2 months in the spare time from studio work… It’s rendered completely inside UE4 and conceived with a lot of custom stuff in Houdini, from procedural model workflow exchange, flips, custom exporters, VAT, Skinned Mesh exporters, DEM, a lot of stuff… Started as an R&D for automotive, we tried to do most of the stuff that you do not see in a realtime rendering, including stormy weather and so on… Hope you will enjoy, it’s an ode to all the people that even through such an hard pandemic situation, still keeps going on… Feedbacks are welcome…


Looks great! I love the cloth being pulled off the car. Looks very nice :+1:

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I love how you managed to make the “set” look real, but something about the vehicle’s animations make it look like a prop. It’s a nice contrast. I also really liked the switch to first person and then cut to side view just as he smashes through the shed. Beautifully put together :slight_smile:

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Complimenti, davvero molto comunicativo.

Really nicely made!!

Great work :smiley:

Amazing! Sim looks great!
I like how you implemented Chaos and Niagara too :+1:

Well done! :slight_smile:

very beautiful. congrats

This looks awesome. The music and voice fits very well. Great editing.
The set up with moving road instead of the car and the story which unfolds around it is very well made. You deserves the promotion by Epic!

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nice work guys

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Thanks so much to everybody!!!
I share here a link to upcoming HEX episode from SideFX, on air tomorrow, in which I go through some of the techniques used to exchange stuff from Houdini to Unreal! Meanwhile, I’m really happy to say that “Life is a Rally” have been awarded with the FWA of the Day :slight_smile:

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Wow fantastico. Complimenti davvero. Sono molto interessato al workflow Houdini Unreal. :fire::fire::fire:

Could you share the code ?

Hi PhilippeC, what do you mean?