Life+Farming simulation game Looking for level designers+Programmer

Memory Trees is a PC game and Life+Farming simulation game. Harvest Moon and Rune Factory , the game will be quite big. I imagine that there would be shops to buy tools, items for harvesting, planting, fishing, etc. Then there would be mini events to score our crush. I believe that this will take a long time to finish:We want to make a game that make you happy and enjoy it

** [RevShare]Looking for Level designer+Programmer**

1 experience using Unity

2 have some experience with lighting design, particle effects and/or reflections

3 have a portfolio of levels

4 Willing to learn or have some experience with Git

5 Will work with exteriors and interiors

and friendly easy working with others willing to use Skype for communication with team please E-mail me if you’re interested

we can talk more detail in

Don’t comment here Thank you so much for reading
News and concept art update

How does having Unity experience help? Is this a Unity or a UE4 project? Is it a Unity project being ported to UE4?