Licensing UE4 for tutorials?

Hi, I’m planning to create a tutorial series (that will be sold) covering many aspects of CG characters including concept to completion workflow. However, I also want to explore UE4 within the tutorials as well. Does the 5% licence apply to this even though UE4 is only being touched upon as part of the tutorial? If any staff could answer that’d be great! Don’t mind if I have to get a custom license either!

Howdy Pointyman,

ajvnd is correct. As long as the tutorial is created as a video to watch and not as a downloadable file that needs to be played inside of the engine, then no royalty is needed. Here is a link to the EULA: Here you can see that under the 4th section Royalty, subsection 3 should be able to clear up the question that you have.

Thanks and have a great day!

That’s very generous licensing! Awesome.

Oh I freaking love you guys!